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Straight Edges and Darbies by Curry Tool Company
We manufacture a line of straight edges and darbies.

#186- #187- #188- Darbies and Straight Edges - Designed through on-the-job experience. Flexible, will not split, warp, or rust.

#190 - Magnesium Straight Edge - Light weight- designed for ease of use as well as ease of grip. This tool has unusual strength. The 4 ft blade can be dressed down as it wears. Good for any job. Packaged qty(6) to a carton.
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18642" x 3 3/4" standard Magnesium Darbies
186B42" x 3 3/4" serrated 2 sides Magnesium Darbies
186C42" x 3 3/4" 2 Round Handles Magnesium Darbies
187Extra Round Handle
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